Delicious Drip: Still Sound.

Humble blogger’s got the chills and it has nothing to do with the “feels like 5 degrees” happening currently here in Boston. No, indeed, it’s the kind of chills that tickle your spine and make the little hairs on your arms dance–the result of an absolutely blissful new track from Toro y Moi.

“Still Sound” is sick, indeed; Chaz Bundick features more of the ambient haze he’s made so brilliantly popular in the last year or two, but this time, he recorded his new record using a live band and nary a single sample through the entire set of tracks.

What emerges is this gorgeous texture, this funky electro beat with a huge top splash of a 70s disco soul hybrid mulled at home.

I want to drink it in all day; gorgeous, indeed.

Underneath the Pine–which features “Still Sound”–drops 2/22.

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