Currently Listening: The Lists, 2010.

As humble blogger amasses all those “Year End…” lists (the entire affair has already started!), it’s fitting that I begin getting excited by checking out The Top 100 Tracks of 2010 courtesy Pitchfork.

Really, they always make pretty definitive lists of highest quality; oh, and of course, Nialler9 has shaken things up with excellent lists for “Best Remixes of 2010” and “Best Videos of 2010”.

Of course, here at the blog we’ll throw a whole bunch of “Year End…” podcasts your way, just in time for that long flight home or the road trip to visit your folks. In the meantime, enjoy some inspiration from the blogosphere.

Oh, and for good measure, check out P&C’s “Best Albums of 2009” for fun, nostalgia, whatever.

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