Addictions: Clive Tanaka.

Sooooo, Kitsune releases have always gotten some serious rotation in humble blogger’s listening experience. It’s true. Not only do I, generally speaking, loooove to kick up my heels, but the straight up no chaser quality of the artists the label churns out is nothing shy of exceptional, with plenty of legs.

Enter Clock Opera’s latest single, Once and For All, which dropped Nov. 1. And while I could wax poetic all day on how gorgeous the single is, I’d rather talk about Clive Tanaka, who gave the track the remix treatment on the record.

Tanaka manages to take the Guy Connelly-written, dripping with synth, electro-pop track of sheer glory and turn it on its side–extracting the gorgeous vocal bits and creating this minimal, at times haunting but sickeningly groove-laden track that feels completely different from its original source.


Enjoy “Once and For All” over here; and gobble the brilliantly minimal Clive Tanaka remix below.

Me, swooning, Clive. Swoon-iiing.

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