Addictions: Clive Tanaka (Take Dos).

Mr. Clive Tanaka, may humble blogger declare here, in this public space, that the addiction is growing?

The ever-illusive Japanese artist–who creates some gorgeous, nostalgic homespun electronica–quietly but assuredly slipped into P&C’s obsessive listening category back in November with the remarkable remake of Clock Opera’s “Once and For All” for Kitsune. And just as quietly as that track blasted onto my radar, so too, quitely (and politely) did a gorgeously washed out turqoise pressing arrive in my mail slot, featuring two sides:

For Dance.

For Romance.

I’m dancing. I’m romancing.

Jet Set Siempre No. 1, the debut LP from Mr. Tanaka “et su orchestra”, was originally available only as a cassette, harking back to those electronic days of yore, when artists were cloaked in mystery, stoking the electrical fires of intrigue.

What exists on this record is nothing shy of a layered genius most likely created entirely by the artist himself (only conjecture here)–his orchestra merely the tools to create dueling landscapes: one in dance-driven pop melodies, the other as a drenched in faded memory walk through years prior like a sunfaded Polaroid, a smudged journal entry, or a grainy home video.

We’d like some more memories, for sure. Gobble standout track “Neu Chicago” below, and wait with bated nostalgic breath–he’ll be featured again on our next podcast, due out any day.

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