Becoming a Bloghouse Band: Guards.

In the past several months, New York outfit Guards has received all the chatter; certainly, the little known band is becoming decidedly bloghouse a la the likes of Cults (who happen to be featured on one of the Guards’ tracks), which P&C adores.

Whilst no one knows much of anything about Guards (on guard, perhaps?), you can gobble their 7-track EP for free over at their bandcamp. Clocking in at a swift 19 minutes, there’s no excuse for not checking out this hazed out indie pop.

What’s more, Guards also features some guesting from Caroline Polachek, glorious frontwoman for Chairlift. And for that alone, I know at least one P&C contributor will take a gander (here’s looking at you Esteban Miguel).

Check out track “Don’t Wake the Dead” below.

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