Live Review: Broken Social Scene, 9.17

P&C’s humble blogger and MackDunn headed out last night for the chance at the “Sweetest Kill”–that’s right, Broken Social Scene graced Boston music devotees with their presence and did in fact work one of their gorgeous new ballads for all us smitten audience members. Of course, we here at the blog were actually smitten with the band on stage absolutely wowing, whilst everyone else seemed to be smitten with…each other, instead. Do we see a trend here in the humbled (love) lives of P&C’s contributors? MackDunn reviews…

There was nothing broken about the social scene at House of Blues last night — coupling was the theme of the evening for the overly PDA-happy crowd.

As the Blue Jays trounced the Red Sox across the street, fellow Canadians (it was a good night for our neighbors to the north, that’s for sure) BSS brought the love with a packed setlist.  The indie rock collective provided a dreamy soundtrack for all the canoodling lovers, highlighting tunes from Forgiveness Rock Record, their first studio album in five years.

“Texico Bitches” particularly impressed, as did “All to All”, “Forced to Love”, “Sweetest Kill” and “Meet Me in the Basement”, while gig goers finally got a bit moving at “Fire Eye’d Boy”.  Old favorite “7/4 (Shoreline)” brought the grope-fest to a fever pitch that even tales of MSG poisoning from Wagamama couldn’t dampen (if you weren’t at the gig, then I’m sorry, but you missed the story…and the joke…that lasted…and lasted…much like an MSG coma).

Who needs forgiveness when you’re young and in love?

File Under: All that crowd sweetness on each other certainly was the kill…

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