Who knows? Who cares? Just listen this one.

Nialler9 was so right when he said the iamwhoiami has lost its viral quality and the sense of intrigue has certainly waned, months on from the initial “who is it?” and “what does it mean?” rotated around the music blogosphere.

13 some odd parts in total, I think, and Niall is right that it hardly matters who it is anymore, though he’s probably correct in thinking its Swedish singer Jonna Lee.

But the four-minute clip, “b”, is still humble blogger’s most favorite. And on gray days like today, I can’t stop listening to it. Will this even get some kind of proper release?

If you missed the whole iamwhoiami craze of last winter/spring, well, go check it out here. And of course, Nialler9 has followed it brilliantly.

Check “B” out.

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