Undiscovered ’til now: Cults.

Humble blogger clearly is becoming a “cult follower” of Forest Family Records, what with our latest addiction to Sleep Over.

But, having been off the music gorging in April with the ridiculous shut down of the P&C blog, somehow I missed out on the downright gorgeous Cults.

And while most of you devotees of tunes out there have been probably rocking steady to this for awhile, I’m newly smitten–and for sure, can’t envision myself in any Cult(s) but this one.

Their absolutely delicious “Go Outside”, release back in April on limited edition 7-inch yellow vinyl, is filled with charming, simple pop reminiscent of simpler days and love thy neighbor times.

It’ a perfect summer tune really and might humble blogger suggest you “Go Outside” with this one dancing through your ears.

[Cults – Go Outside.]

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