Dave Sitek, producer, fan of all switches and nobs, guitarist, painter, and general brilliance, has finally announced his debut record, Maximum Balloon, will see the light of day come 8/24.

Cue a jazz trumpet of glee.

The album will feature a ton of intriguing guests, from the beloved Karen O, to bandmates Tunde Adebimp and Kyp Malone, Theophilus London, and even David Byrne, to name a few.

The first single, “Tiger” (featuring Avu of Dragons of Synth), is available digitally today. It’s drenched in synth and of course, with the addition of Avu on vocals, it feels as if Sitek made a strategic move to have many of his vocal guests sound similarly to T.V. on the Radio’s Kyp and Tunde. P&C approves.

Maximum Balloon is an explosive dance album recorded up at Sitek’s L.A. home. Gobble up the first single here free and deliciously.

A number of digital singles will be released in coming weeks, so stay tuned…

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