Gorillaz taste just like chicken…

I have been slowly getting through my listening pile which includes the Gorillaz’ new LP “Plastic Beach”. It’s definitely an interesting album although I think it continues the Gorillaz tendency to be rather hit and miss across the tracks. However, a particularly catchy standout for me has been “Superfast Jellyfish” a short dirty pop ditty featuring Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals fame.

The lyrics are a humorous comment on modern eating habits, including a quirky sample from a 1960’s breakfast cereal commercial. De La Soul rap over a fat swaggering beat and this is wonderfully twisted with psychedelic bleeps, bloops and vocoded vocals of Rhys. It’s unusual but it works and is a lot of fun.

The bands animated demonic bass player, Murdoc, puts it best himself  “If you turn it up loud enough all the colours start spilling and washing out of the speakers. You could flood your room with a track like this.

And is that Screech in the video?

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