Apparently Already Discovered: Sweet Track…(no kidding)!

Humble blogger is absolutely…humbled by the fact Mike Swidrak, stage name Sweet Track, is releasing his first single, “Two-Way Mirror”, with Toronto’s Brilliantine records on June 20.

It must be disclaimed here that the mastermind behind the name happens to be a swell friend of this here blog space, and of course, with that, comes some general bias. But once you hear his tracks for yourself, we can chalk the entire lot up to one simple fact: its delicious music, that’s what.

The background? Mike, ah, affectionately known by this here blogger as Swiddy, has been making music under the Sweet Track moniker since sometime around summer 2006, and we wrote about it back then, too (damn Google and your misgivings toward our space or we’d link to it right here).

What started out as some lo-fi bedroom tracks has morphed into this relaxed  blend of synth pop and house beats atop these fuzz and sex drenched albeit nearly indecipherable whisper vocals perfect for a sweaty summer in the city or a cooled out banger on the shore. Picture it now: a bunch of white pant wearing hip kittens, slinking and swaying to his Montauk Holla Disco Dub remix while throwing back a Sidecar replete with cherries.

With influences of late that come from a constant spin of italo disco, krautrock, acid house, and welp, New Order, it’s no wonder the entire affair is hazy and downright sexy. Gorgeous.

His first single, “Two-Way Mirror”, along with other tracks like “Upon Joining the Army”, is quite a deviation from some of his first real go-around attempts like “Frustrated Forecaster”; everything is more breezy this time, there’s a swagger and a sway, and of course, the production value is a lot higher than those days in that Somerville basement apartment. Back then, he was a Harvard Physics library worker with a penchant for creating great radio shows that P&C gobbled. Now, he’ll be leaving Boston for some midwestern landlockery in the pursuit of a higher degree in urban planning.

P&C is happy to know this is all a side gig to his main priority of making swell tunes. Expect some seriously great things out of Sweet Track, and P&C will fondly remember the days he used to vibe about how annoying it was when bands became decidedly “bloghouse”, when in fact, his outfit will become one of those bloghouse acts. No?

You can stream his first single, “Two-Way Mirror”, over here. What’s more, you can check out his track “Upon Joining the Army” over here, as well as his brilliant Holla Disco Dub remix of Montauk’s “Holiday” (a fellow labelmate), which was released last month.

Definitely check out the entire What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow May 2010 Remix EP courtesy Brilliantine, which features a slew of the label’s artists, including Sweet Track.

Don’t forget; the digital release of “Two-Way Mirror” will drop June 20. You can gobble it at itunes, Juno, Beatport…you get it.

Cheers with a cherry-filled Sidecar, Swiddy. Here’s to making you a bloghouse outfit.

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