A novel idea…pioneering covers?

Color me covered! The Dirty Projectors have teamed up to cover Bob Dylan’s “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” as part of Levi’s Pioneer Sessions.

P&C knows little regarding this marketing attempt to bring music and jeans (yep, you guessed it, the clothiering stuffs) together via Levi, but heck, there have been two excellent covers to come out of it by the likes of She & Him and, well, the aforementioned Dirty Projectors. Some of the others, humble blogger, quite honestly, skipped.

The cover, which is featured on Dylan’s John Wesley Harding record, stays pretty true to the original, save for Dylan’s iconic harmonica. Of course, its laden with the loverly harmonies from the Brooklyn-based outfit, with David Longstreth taking the lead and the DP ladies following with beautiful backing.

You can check out other Pioneer Sessions here.

Gobble a dirty projection on Dylan.

[Dirty Projectors – I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine.]

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