News from…

Hands down, humble blogger can declare here that this is, by far, Nick Cave at his finest.

The video for “More News from Nowhere” just exudes the brilliance of ere Cave from start to finish. He’s just totally on it, and it never gets old to spy.

Off 2008 record “Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!”, the 28th single from the Bad Seeds was featured pretty prominently during P&C’s Nick Cave Month, an homage to the man in the month preceding the release of the aforementioned album (which unfortunately, is away with the muck thanks to Google and has yet to be restored in all its glory).

If you are a Nick Cave junkie like humble blogger, you’ll recognize the tune features the beloved Deanna, a character who first cropped up in Cave’s tunes in 1998 track “Deanna” off Tender Prey. It carries quite a few similarities instrumentally to that track, has a downright addicting, delicious melody, and makes polite reference to the science fiction/Utopian socialist novel News from Nowhere by William Morris. You’d be damned if you didn’t adore it.

Rinse, repeat, will you. Send news from nowhere.

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