Becoming a ‘Bloghouse’ Band: Sleigh Bells.

What a treat this certainly is; if you haven’t yet listened to the debut record Treats from Brooklyn-to-Florida male-and-female duo Sleigh Bells, humble blogger is unsure what you’re waiting for, exactly.

It’s hard to describe the sonic explosion of the entire record–the mind-numbing ability for this synth-rock outfit to make sound actually feel louder than the loudest on the loud spectrum. Say that 10 times fast: louder than the loudest on the loud spectrum.

Because that’s Sleigh Bells.

It’s certainly not an easy breezy record you can just flip on and sit back to enjoy the ambient background noise. No, sir. This is a challenging record that takes quite a bit of time, focus, and energy. But, in that, it is one of the more intriguing albums of 2010, which makes it powerful and downright a pleasure to listen to, once you’ve given it that time.

The record is messy; grimy; pretty brilliant, really, for its noise and genre-bending bombast.

Please. I recommend you don’t throw this record in your crap computer sound system, or in the earbuds that have been mangled at the bottom of your messenger sack–it will sound absolutely flippantly unlistenable.

Throw this record on in your home, on the splendid stereo system you audiophiles are bound to have.

Everything is insanely manufactured–in a good way.

You can check out the lead-off single “Tell ‘Em”(video) here.

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