Undiscovered ’til Now: Faded Paper Figures.

Ooey-gooey LA-based indie pop outfit Faded Paper Figures apparently doesn’t really let one member being in med school, and another a professor across the country at Yale, stand in the way of them putting out some deliciously sweet new tunes.

P&C hadn’t heard of the band until a bitty bit placed a tune off their latest record–“Invent it All Again”–in our inbox earlier this week. And if the tune is any indication of their ability to create some absolutely downright tooth ache inducing electronica coded sugary indie pop, welp, sign me up.

New Medium, which features the aforementioned track “Invent it All Again”, is the band’s sophomore release, after 2008’s Dynamo; the blend of a traditional guitar and drum band with synths and all that hoo is a recipe for yum. “Invent it All Again” has this incredibly inticing opening synth pulse that creates instance addictions.

Don’t believe me? Discover. You’ll see.

[Faded Paper Figures – Invent it all Again.]

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