Undiscovered ’til now: Kathryn Calder without the Pornographers.

I can’t tell you how many times humble blogger hit repeat on “When I was a baby” by the New Pornographers in my colleging days. If I were a 16 year old boy, this band, and that tune, would have been my pornography addiction. It’s that sexy. It’s that good.

Enter Kathryn Calder, key playing accordion working singing extraordinaire for the aforementioned addiction. She’s releasing her debut solo record and it appears as if it’s about to be one of the more splendid emerging acts of 2010.

She’ll get help from some excellent names–Ladyhawke, Neko Case, Kurt Dahle. And each of these musicians seem like they’ll bring something totally unique and totally Kathryn Calder to the table, all while coming from differently-inspired corners. And that’s so smart, really.

The deets? Are you my mother? drops 8/10.

Calder’s first tune, “Slip Away”, is so haunting and melodic that its downright gorgeous. I dare say it goes on my obsessive repeat loop of the week, and you can quote me on that.

Enjoy that, will you?

[Kathryn Calder -Slip Away.]

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