A little bird popped on…

Finally…the deets are starting to slither in about the latest record from The Eels, a band which kept me in a steady diet of survival during those years of teenage angst.

The long-running California indie rock band will release its latest studio record, Tomorrow Morning, on 8/24. What’s more, they’ll go out in massive support on the record, stopping in Boston on 9/24, so perhaps it’d be a splendid plan to save the date now.

Tomorrow Morning is the the third in a trilogy of concept albums following 2009’s Hombre Lobo and 2010’s End Times. And if the previous two albums from mastermind Mark Oliver Everett are any indication, welp, it’s meant to be exciting times as End Times was, fact, exceedingly good.

[The Eels – Little Bird (video).]

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