A naive melody?

The brilliant Kyp Malone, frontman of the ever brilliant TV on the Radio and newest venture Rain Machine, recently tackled my all time favorite tune, “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” by the Talking Heads for Our Show with Eric Aranow.

And its a pretty stand up job, which I’d except nothing less despite the fact humble blogger gets a bit squeamish at the thought of anyone covering my beloved TH, never mind my hands down favorite tune ever.

Working the lasting homage to love tune (which, in humble blogger’s opinion is the greatest love tune ever), Kyp had backup help from band Harsh Toke and he kept pretty much to the original. While his vocal stylings are vastly different than David Byrne, he can certainly contain some of his strength and create that same odd edge Byrne has made famous. What’s more, his beard and glasses are pretty extreme…extremely amazing.

So, with trepedation, I listened. And listened again.

Golf claps, Kyp. I still adore you, and adore your rendition. I guess TV on the Radio breaks are splendid.

Gobble it up here, will you?

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