No sighs, no more.


One of my favorite British folk acts, which really pummeled me with their inspired banjo tracks late last year, are finally releasing their debut full-length, Sign No More, hither in the statesides.

And the album, recorded at East Cote Studios (home to the recording of other great acts like Brian Eno, Arctic Monkeys, and Laura Marling), appears to have quite the intriguing power behind it; Sigh No More was produced by Markus Dravs, who has worked with the brilliances of Bjork and Arcade Fire to produce some pretty epic orchestration.

The album will be a follow up to their 3 self-produced EPs, all of which helped to hook Pulp & Circumstance, even though this here space has always had a strong affinity toward anything banjo pluck.

Sigh No More will be available in American record shops March 7 and will feature several tracks that have appeared on earlier EPs, including “Little Lion Man” and “Awake My Soul”. Mumford and Sons will follow up with their first extensive stateside tour.

Do check out anything P&C has written about the British folk band in the past; their EP, Mumford and Sons, made our short list of the top 10 records of 2008, a feat to be topped, I’m sure, with Sigh No More in 2010. (Side note: P&C’s list is coming out soon thanks to a great year in music, I’m quite thrilled to hunker down and gather it all!)

Cheers and wees.

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