Don’t hang up the antlers…

All this talk of happy holidays and year-end lists of musical inspiration on the year has me heading back to all those greats, and of course, the inevitable thoughts on how to create inspiring gifts for my friends this year.

And in all this happy holiday reindeer love, I’ve found the best inspiration in one of my favorite musical packages this year–and it’s subject matter is so the opposite of holiday cheer, it’s ridiculous, and quite frankly, downright ironic…but not.

Enter The Antlers and their adoring 2009 record The Hospice.

There is something so haunting and depressing about this entire record–a collection of tracks about a young girl with terminal cancer, and the man who had to watch her die. This surely not for the faint of heart; it makes all those depressing tracks you’ve come to rely on seem like child’s play really.

But in that depression comes something so grand, so eloquent, and so moving, you can’t help but hit repeat. Standout tracks include “Bear”, “Kettering”, and “Two”.

Peter Silberman, who originally formed The Antlers as a solo act, has created something so beautiful out of Brooklyn, its easy to forget all that other fabulous shit out of Brooklyn. Why you gotta be so amazing, Brooklyn?

This record surely will make my end of year list; it should fill yours, too. And if the chill in the air begs for a chilly musical reception to go along with, reach for Hospice. You won’t regret the epic soundscapes, the fuzz, and the deep lyrical matter.

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