Found out?

For some reason, Pulp and Circumstance is absolutely addicted to the r&b, sex-tinged tunes of a South London band, which is getting a bit of steam and stoke of late thanks to their set of opening slots with Florence and the Machine and Friendly Fires, as well as a few tunes that, welp, can’t really be denied.

Every bit of each track is filled with a whole lot of drum machine and come-ons, post-coital lines, and general attempts to attract sex. It’s quite brilliant really.

And we all know how P&C adores a slick bassline. And these ones are finger-plucking delicious, thanks in part to the well-timed moments of Olivia Sim, who really wows on tune “Islands” and “Stars”, too.

One minute everything is sparse and desperate, before the bandmates fill all that space up and really wow with this slow jam sex drenched swagger meets simple pop. Everything is clean, tight, and absolutely addictive.

Their debut record, The XX, was released this past year on Young Turks and recorded in a back garage of the XL studios mostly at night, which no doubt contributed to the sleek, lounge act intrigue.

The band recently lost its keyboardist, who had missed a couple shows citing exhaustion; nonetheless, the XX will continue as a three-piece. Despite the inner turmoil, one listen to this act will leave you feeling nothing short of a little loving.

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