You’re beautiful forever…

Of course, as most people know, humble blogger finds David Byrne to be one step away from…welp, highest of beings.

That being said, P&C can’t stop spinning one of the oldies from Mr. Byrne and Thievery Corporation, the lovely Washington-D.C. downtempo d.j. duo which collaborates often with a number of excellent musical greats.

“The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter” (perhaps a play off the famous Carson McCuller’s novel?) is featured on T.C.’s The Cosmic Game, which came out in 2005, but feels fresh as rain (like today’s weather) lately. And when I pulled it off the record shelf and flicked it on the needle, I was transported back to that year, immediately, and where and what I was doing when I became enveloped in the album. It doesn’t feel like it was 4 years ago, for sure.

There’s something so deliciously addictive about Byrne’s echo-ey vocals coupled with the rhythmic bongos and horns. The signature talking vocal style Byrne works so effortlessly also carries this bossa nova lounge style record.

It’s a great number to kick off vacation, and it’s a great number for week’s end. It will get you ready to get moving.


[Thievery Corporation feat. David Byrne – The Heart’s a Lonely Hunter.]

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