All of my (winter) days.

Boston winters are like comfort food to me; if we didn’t have them, it wouldn’t feel like Boston. But if we didn’t have them, we’d feel swell enough, even if something were missing.

And as the snow starts falling in heaps and creating an icy sheen over everything, my listening pleasures turn toward those feelings evoked by comfort foods, Boston winters, and the like: homey, warm, close.

Which is why I can’t stop spinning Alexi Murdoch, a London-based singer songwriter who mostly creates sparse, acoustic, often chilling tracks quite perfect for any Bostonite during wintertime. Or, all of you out there that like sparse, acoustic, often chilling folk inspired tunes.

This year, the states had the rare pleasure of seeing Murdoch on tour; he even hocked a limited edition copy of his latest endeavor, an EP called Toward the Sun. He’s released one other full length, Time Without Consequence, and a self-released EP, Four Songs.

While he’s seen a rare slice of pop culture appeal in the states (having his tunes in spots for t.v. shows, advertisements, and even the brilliant Krasinski and Rudolph flick Away We Go), its not often you find a circle around these parts who appreciates his craft.

So, let’s get started, shall we

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