Going “animalistic” in a sparse wood.


There is something that is helping me through this last week of work before holiday break–and its most likely Swedish minimal house.

No, I know it’s Swedish minimal house.

The duo, comprised of Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson, create these absolutely epic build-ups; its all so sparse, and then, the entire thing blasts you, taking all its cues from the beloved house party tracks of the 90s.

What’s more, the duo creates these absolutely deliciously cute videos to match with lovely animation. You can check out the video for “Animals” here. The record came out sometime last year on Cocoon and it hasn’t lost its luster.

Minilogue has a whole pile of EPs, 10 and 12-inchers out there, so gobble away. In the meantime, persist on a steady diet of sparse Swedish yum.

[Minilogue – Animals.]

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