You didn’t stand by me…? Oops, oh no.

There’s nothing better than making lists of great tunes. It’s a hobby I have held since I was a wee young one.

And I was quite pleased to be asked to help my brother and his fiance gather up tunes for the reception of their impending nuptials. I mean, with just 1 hour to make my mark, what kind of statement would I make? And is a statement at someone else’s wedding, with masses of people with varying tastes in musical treasures, really what I want to do?

I struggled a lot with finding tunes that would not only please my musical palette and exude not only my love of music but my vast love of various genres, but to find those tunes that everyone loves, wants to dance to, and signify a “good time”.

While I once went to a party in their place and the entire room, dancing widly to Neil Diamond and Britney Spears, stopped dead silent, no dancing to be had, when The Clash’s “London Calling” piped on the speakers, I thought “oh shit, this one’s going to be hard.”

That being said, the list was finalized, I feel complete, sufficient, a nice mix of love tunes, slow tunes, dance tunes, and a few obscure ones sprinkled about those standard party favorites, and sent off just days ago.

But two tunes kept coming up on my list, despite that little incident with “London Calling” and the fact these tunes aren’t about sappy love, but rather a kind of romantic destruction. How could you not want to stomp your feet to these, I ask? How could you not?

Still, was I really cut out for this wedding tune selection thing? Oh well, bring on the destruction!

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