Undiscovered ’til now: ARMS, wide open.

Spread your ARMS, and embrace this, for sure.

Already a fan of Brooklyn’s own Harlem Shakes, its no wonder I haven’t really dug into the little lo-fi bedroom project of the band’s guitarist, Todd Goldstein, before this rainy weekend. Because, welp, its gorgeous.

Goldstein, working under the moniker ARMS, released a record a few years back, called Kids Aflame, which was merely a meager import. But, buzz abounded, and the response was: create a proper release here stateside.

Hence, the re-release of ARMS record Kids Aflame, with a few bonus tracks. And nearly every track on this record has made me squeal with intrigue. It exudes the exact melodious beats I look for this time of year; something that mixes a bit of the somber with a pepppy backbeat, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Golf claps, Mr. Goldstein, golf claps.

The entire Kids Aflame record manages to walk its way through a variety of emotions: from sad bastard wreckage to those ooey-goo-ey smilers all around. And the entire thing feels balanced despite its bi-polarity.

So take a gander. Pretty soon, you’ll too open your ARMS in embracing wonder.

[ARMS – Kids Aflame.]

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