Terminally ill? Nope, chill.

These days, as work gets busy, we will all, no doubt, hearken back to those “terminally chill” days of summer–when we blasted lo-fi dream pop and avoided any care in the world.

And so, perhaps as you find yourself less and less “chill”, you should flick the switch on Neon Indian–an electronic duo comprised of a female video artist in Brooklyn, N.Y., Alicia Scardetta, and Alan Palomo, out of Austin, whose work with VEGA you may be familiar with–or, at least one of their tracks, anyways.

Creating lo-fi, electro-psychedelic funk pop with splashes of synth and other impossible to describe sun-soaked soundscapes, the duo will no doubt be considered the “Air France of 2009”. And its a pretty good description really, except for the possible curse that the intrigue won’t last.

Previously releasing an EP in 2008 that received little tracked, their latest effort, Pyschic Chasms, has a bit of intrigue about it, and will officially hit the road running October 13.

Having spun “Terminally Chill” quite a bit this summer, its hard to say whether my interest will wane; many of the tracks on Psychic Chasms are a bit underwhelming and I certainly can’t invision these tunes holding up in the dead of Boston winter. But call me fickle, for sure.

For now, while I remain frazzled in fall, I’ll take to standout track “Terminally Chill” because not only is it one of the coolest track names, but in the hopes it will help me achieve some kind of chi.

Will the intrigue last, remains to be seen….

[Neon Indian – Terminally Chill.]

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