Everything is moving, moving, moving…

Oh, everything will be moving alright. Your hips, your feet, your head…the walls of your house. It’ll be loud. And it make shake a few things up a bit, god knows, its needed…

P&C is inspired. In the coming days, and spread out over the course of a few weeks, two new features will be introduced at the blogspace to counteract all the musical silence this here humble writer and lover of all things instrumental has experienced of late.

And boy, will it be noisy.

Revisiting some of the most formidable genres in shaping my love of tunes, P&C will build up a giant catalog of those finest beats that will never fail to impress. Spanning the likes of blues, soul, old school hip hop, and straight up punk and hardcore, you’ll be spinning these tunes faster than you’ll be spinning and wheels straight out of this space.

Thank you, and goodnight, until tomorrow.

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