Dignity of a reaction…

In anticipation of their third LP, Humbug (out on Domino August 25), those frozen monkeys have dropped the record’s first single with “Crying Lightning”, a track with some spy-intrigue vaudevillian swagger drenched and splashed with a bit of washed out psychedelia, which is quite intriguing, particularly when front man Mr. Alex Turner draws out on “form of a gobstopppeerrr”.

Just take a listen and you’ll know what I mean. It’s butter baby, not hard like, welp, a gobstopper. And while it isn’t frenzied and fast like previous stand out tracks which helped cement the Arctics success, its easy and trippy and the lyrics are witty and spot on.

The British boys will officially drop the physical copy of the Crying Lightning single on August 18.

What’s more, they’ll be hosting a webcast tomorrow, July 30, which will feature a host of new tracks off the Humbug record. You can check out the webcast here, 9 p.m. gmt. You can also see a trailer for the cast here.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get to see the Arctics do a small, one off gig in the Paradise next Wednesday, August 5. A really intriguing band out of Philly, Modey Lemon, will open (which P&C will feature here at the blog in the lead up to the gig next week).

See you at the gig. For now, cry lightning. For cripes, we’ve had enough lightning this summer anyways.

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