Undiscovered ’til now: The Blackest Purse, a great summer accessory?

P&C usually declares summer as the time in which the ladies steer clear of the blackest purse, and opt for something lighter, more fun, and ultimately more colorful.

But when it comes to the Why?’s, we don’t really feel it’s necessary to get into it. What’s that you say?

The brilliant outfit Why?, fronted by the glorious Yoni Wolf, has just announced details of their fourth studio release on one of this here blog’s favorite labels, Anticon; Eskimo Snow, which is a meaningful follow-up (so far) to last year’s Alopecia, features the excellent melodic tune “The Blackest Purse”, which will have all you followers forgetting that whole summer baggage mantra, alright.

And you will ask the Why?’s, of course. The answers will come in the form of psychelic folk with a decidedly pop sensibility–and what can be more fun than that in this not-so-summery summer weather?

I can predit this record won’t just last in these weather-worn days of July; in fact, Eskimo Snow was apparently written at the same time as Alopecia, and meant as a double disc, but was turned into two seperate bodies of work after a wintery revelation over hot toddys. Brills!

Eskimo Snow will drop, officially, on September 18. In the meantime, get ready by whipping out “The Blackest Purse”. You’ve never been so cool in summer….


[Why? – The Blackest Purse.]

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