Don’t you want…some Little Boots? I do.

Humble blogger is quite addicted to the delicious pop of a one Little Boots, aka UK songstress and 24 year old wonder, Victoria Hesketh.

What’s more, Little Boots–who gets her name from a nick her friend slabbed her with–claims her moniker is meant to highlight her “little feet”, something this here blog can relate to, having officially, the smallest feet any adult can claim (boos?).

Little Boots is really intriguing with some interesting disco-inspired pop tunes–she manages to blend that sweet, angelic style with some rougher edge.

But what’s most kept on repeat of late is her brilliant acoustic cover of one of humble blogger’s favorite tunes, “Don’t You Want Me?” by Sheffield finest The Human League, which she performed for BBC radio just a bit ago. It’s stripped down and different but really does the tune justice. Golf claps.

So enjoy this lovely cover, and be certain to keep an eye on Little Boots.

[Little Boots – Don’t You Want Me? (acoustic cover).]

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