Labr-adore this.

Thanks to a heads up from Swedes Please!, the loverly music blog dedicated to all things, well, Swedish, P&C is absolutely addicted to the new Radio Dept. track “David”, the first single off their forthcoming album.

“David” is signature Radio Dept.; washed out and melodic, straight totally shoegaze–all reasons why humble blogger has long been a fan of this here band since their mounting success in the early 2000s.

And this new single couldn’t come at a better time; as Bostonites sit in a freezing, damp mess of rain and generally March-like weather, welp, then an outfit like The Radio Dept. really fills a need.

What’s more, one of my favorite labels–Labrador–is giving it all away, free. You really must gobble up “David” and see for yourself. But if you hanker for the added tracks a little EP affords, David will drop in record shops June 24.

Enjoy ahead of time, kittens (particularly my Boston weather-weary kittens).

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