Undiscovered ’til Now: Little Big Adventure.

Apparently this here blog is on a Labrador kick of late–not the pups, but the label. And after hearing Little Big Adventure signed on to the loverly label, welp, P&C jumped again.

Little Big Adventure is a deliciously addicting electro-pop at the hands of sole member Magnus Sätterström (naturally, a Swede…ahem, it’s Labrador!), who just dropped his debut EP The Hateful Eye.

And it’s pretty addicting, in fact. Magnus Sätterström creates these infectious numbers even though he claims his tunes are all about “hate”. Hate never sounded so sweet, methinks, despite the distinct melancholy, thanks to that lush, layered instrumentation.

Decide for yourself. Take an adventure.

[Little Big Adventure – Happiest Times.]
[Little Big Adventure – The Hateful Eye.]

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