God, help this girl that can’t stop listening…

Four years, four years it’s been…for Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian fame to finally roll out his latest project, God Help the Girl

…and for the sake of record keeping, let’s just make clear it was well worth every tick of the clock in wait.

OK, let’s back up and get this straight. The lead singer and songwriter of Scottish indie pop band Belle & Sebastian has created this musical film, called God Help the Girl, and then collected up a whole bunch of artists to sing on its soundtrack of the same name.

The film, which will release in 2010, features old Belle & Sebastian classics, as well as new tunes written by Murdoch exclusively for the God Help the Girl. And he sought public talent to help record up his art–Murdoch held open auditions, allowing the public to submit tracks or videos featuring their singing talents for a chance to record on the soundtrack.

Featuring some delicious, albeit newcomer, female singers who will no doubt have great success, the 14-track album was recorded up in 2008, and includes lead vocals from the absolutely mesmerizing Catherine Ireton. There is also some guesting done by Asya, a teenager who fronts Seattle indie band Smoosh and Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy. The loverly contest winners, who wowed Murdoch with their musical chops, include Brittany Stallings and Dina Bankole, as well as Celia Garcia and Alex Klobouk.

Matador will release God Help the Girl in the states June 23, with a June 22 Rough Trade drop in Europe.

The first single, a real goose bump inducing track, “Come Monday Night”, is absolutely infectious, you’re sure to keep it on repeat. The amazing “Perfection as a Hipster” speaks for itself, really. No explanation needed.

Thank you once again Mr. Murdoch. Enjoy.

[God Help the Girl – Come Monday Night.]
[God Help the Girl – Perfection as a Hipster.]

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