With a thud, Arctic blast into 3rd studio record…

Humble blogger knew it! With a whole string of headlining festival dates this summer, this here blog got to sniffing that Sheffield’s finest, The Arctic Monkeys, had a new album in the works–which was proper timing, anyways, since its been 2 years since the release of the brilliant sophomore go around, Favourite Worst Nightmare.

That being said, Arctics just announced deets on LP3–to see the light of day August 24 (thanks to a heads up from We All Want Someone to Shout For). The as-yet-to-be-titled record features 10-tracks…considerably less than the 25 they prepped for discussion to make the cut. Alas, this tight album leaves us in anticipation…what’s to come from the boys, eh?

It was produced by the amazing James Ford (who lent a hand for Favourite Worst Nightmare and that little Alex Turner side-project) and Josh Homme of Queens of the StoneAge. Predicting more pummeling percussion and even heavier sound from the influence? Likely.

(Side Note: Is it just me or has Jamie turned from the red-cheeked babe into a total bear? Seriously.)

Enjoy an acoustic version of one of the latest Arctics tunes to make the LP3 cut.

[Arctic Monkeys – Fire & The Thud (acoustic).]

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