Stimulus package…

One of my favorite alt. hip hop artists, Del the Funky Homosapien (who has gone by a whole plethora of name incarnations over his long career–including Del, Deltron, and Dr. Bombay) has been quite stimulating this here blog’s listening pleasure despite recession woes.

That’s right. The Del recently dropped a bit of pleasure for all your economy woes–without breaking the bank. Responding to President Barack Obama’s stimulus package, you can download his new record, Funk Man (The Stimulus Package), in its entirity…for free.

And it’s all available for the gobbling here.

The Funk Man (Stimulus Package) record is delicious, indeed–featuring tracks spitting anger at the current state of economy, money woes, and even the state of the struggling music biz. What’s more, he’s wax on ways you can improve your situation. Golf claps.

Standout tracks include “Fit Like a Glove” and “Give It Right Now”.

If you know little of Del the Funk, know at least, that you should familiarize yourself with his sly beats. Known as a favorite of the delectable rapper El-Producto (aka El P), the Definitive Jux artist hails from Oakland, Del got his start writing backing vocals for Da Lench Mob and his well-known rapping cousin, Ice Cube.

But after dropping a well-received debut record with the help of said cousin, he felt constrained by the bounds of Cube-aesthetic and parted ways. Releasing a staggering some 9 studio records since the early 90s, Del the Funk has seen some commercial success, but unwavering support in the underground hip hop world. What’s more, he’s been featured many times over as part of the Calif.-based hip hop collective, Hieroglyphics.

And this isn’t the first time Del has bucked traditional delivery of his beats; 2008 records Leak Pack #1 and #2 are also available without forking over any coin.

So gobble up a bit of your musical stimulus package, courtesy of the Funk Man.

If you need impetus to scoop up something entirely free, welp, fine.

[Del the Funky Homosapien – Get It Right Now.]

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