Making work more fluid…

Lately in work, humble blogger has found herself doing quite a bit of repetitive data entry and bug fixing and generally techie nonsense, that leaves me quite alone with my little laptop baby.

That being said, for some odd no rhyme or reason, my sometimes monotony and all the time plugged in aloneness has left me seeking solace from the brilliant electronic duo’s 2008 record LP3.

More importantly, the brilliant track “Imperials”, set to repeat. The album, recorded up in an astounding few weeks, features all these delicious manipulations, synthesizers, and addicting percussion.

What’s more, today I was introduced to a brilliant new piece by Charlie Bucket, called “Fluid Sculpture”, which is essentially this amazing art created by knitting surgical tubing and then running red fluid throughout. Bucket’s video of the amazing artwork features none other than the aforementioned “Imperials”, and it couldn’t be better timing–Bucket will show off his creation this coming weekend at the Bay Area Maker Faire, put on by the techie heads over at the lovely Make Magazine. Uber drools.

So enjoy one of my latest addictions; and of course, if you find yourself working on projects like mine, theentire LP3 record is the perfect background tat, tat, tat.

[Ratatat- Imperials.]

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