Plenty of (non-commercial) value to be had…

Pulp and Circumstance is seriously addicted to No Commercial Value, a website which acts as a storage facility for some really great artistic talent–think musicians, filmmakers, journalists, activists, photographers, writers, and even social scientists.

Thanks to Xlr8r magazine, humble blogger was informed of the excellent entry on one of the greatest pioneers in electronic music, Delia Derbyshire for Week 11.

This here blog urges you to check out her entry, as well as play around with the site as a whole.

No Commercial Value bills itself as “a weekly showcase of six original works and hyperlinks curated by a variety of international contributors…who want to share their creative perspective on the world.” Bridging the gap between user generated content and traditional museum style art galleries, the website hpes to “provide a ‘clutter-free’ platform for content.”

Delicious. Golf claps and the like.

So nod about and become addicted like P&C. Enjoy.

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