Slap in the lap of luxery…

Humble blogger has just been introduced to the lovely Luxury Wafers Sessions, which is filled with some absolutely drool-worthy live sets from various quality indie acts–all available in high quality video, with the added goodie of taking away all live tracks.

We are in luxury, after all…the music, I presume, the wafers. Wafers of pure musical bliss. Tasty wafers.

Check out the amazing live rendition of “The Mountain” by blues-inspired garage band Heartless Bastards, who hail from Ohio, or check out a sweeping set, five tracks worth, from Crystal Antlers, a Long Beach indie act with those bizarrely growly yealpish yet intriguing vocals from Johnny Bell.

Luxury Wafers Live Sessions are recorded at Chessvolt Studios in the L.A. valley. The intimate space houses numerous intriguing indie acts in their small studio, equipment stuffed and spilling into the halls.

Be sure to gobble up the aforementioned sessions–and all the other luxury wafers on the site, including tunes, podcasts and the like.

You’re welcome in advance.

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