Jarvis as musical “guardian”…

Unbeknown to my oft out of the loop of late musical nonsense (I blame work and finish grad school, only one of which is actually an excuse anymore), the beloved, the amazing, the brilliant Mr. Jarvis Cocker has taken over the Guardian newspaper’s music section this entire week, shoving his musical genius down our throats, and I’m certainly choking at the chance (thanks to Jeannette for pointing this out!).

You can read all his brilliant musings here; apparently he let readers stream and preview his entire new record Further Complications (which Pulp and Circumstance did a mini-review of here), as well as reviewing the singles, and beyond–with the help of his wee young chilluns, Albert and Otto, 6 and 3 years of age respectively.

It’s all pretty damn amazing, if you ask this absolute Jarvis devotee.

Yes, he mentions Lilly Allen, T.I. and bashes Passion Pit (…I was unaware that they are born agains. Are they really, or is this Jarvis again being…welp, Jarvis? Seriously, I’d love an answer).

Thank you Jeannette. You’ve made my day–and I can declare here definitely you’ve most likely made P&C sometimes reviewer Esteban Miguel a v. v. happy boy.

File Under: He never said he was deep?

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