Undiscovered ’til Now: Take a Taxi Taxi.

While I’ve always wished a little birdie could transport me from place to place, a Taxi Taxi will do just fine, too.

The lovely sister singer-songwriters Miriam and Johanna Berhan, I mean, not an actual yellow transport machine with wheels. Though, the beautiful, sparse tunes of Taxi Taxi will transport you just about anywhere you want to go, really. Metaphorically, of course. Don’t come back at humble blogger and tell me you couldn’t get downtown via Taxi Taxi.

Hailing from Sweden, the sisters have just completed recording their debut full-length after a delicious, albeit short, 3-track EP Step Out Into the Light was introduced digitally in Scandinavia this spring, as well as a 2007 self-titled EP from some time back. Their tunes feature some brilliantly sparse chamber pop meets indie folk, which is quite mature for their just graduated from high school age. If you don’t like tracks that are purely minimalistic, Taxi Taxi won’t be for you, certainly–think rhythms created by simple foot tapping, muted guitar, pianos, finger-picked guitars, and strong vocal harmony.

The as yet untitled full-length will be released on Danish label Rumraket, and is due out sometime this fall. The lovely Step Out Into the Light EP will shortly be available on iTunes, but if you are so inclined to jump at it now, it’s available over at Klicktrack for 3 bones and a few coins.

A preview, for good measure.

[Taxi Taxi – All I Think Of.]
[Taxi Taxi – To Hide This Way.]

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