Batting my lashes for Daniel…

Um, can the declaration be “complete addiction”? because it is…

Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, the beauteous yet bizarre British songstress, is quite intriguing with her sophomore go around Two Suns, out last month, and Pulp and Circumstance can’t stop spinning tune “Daniel” off the new record.

Delish. The entire record is inspired, clearly, by women in music. Think Bjork, for sure, but on tracks like the intensely addicting “Daniel”, there is this 80s electro sensibility to the “earth mother” vibe so often invoked by Khan–like Enya, only updated rather than pilfered.

About the only downside to this entire record is the ridiculous artwork, on the album and the singles alike. Up for worst artwork of 2009? Methinks so…

Need proof? Check out the main art. Seriously, what’s with the odd vegetation and the bronze globe-ish orbs in Khan’s palms? The single for “Daniel” features a whimsy, beachy, and er, nakie, Natasha Khan with a giant tatt of Daniel Larusso a la Karate Kid on her back. Kid not.

And while P&C would love to give you the tune, it is clear this entire offering will be deleted from record straight away. That being said, the video is equally breathtaking, so might P&C suggest just checking it out.

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