Focusing on Manners?

Cambridge-based locals, Passion Pit, will be dropping their debut full-length record, Manners, on May 19 via FrenchKiss, and in the past year, have really seen recognition thanks to a breakout tune “Sleepyhead”.

Now, you can preview yet another track off Manners, called “Moth’s Wings”, over at Pitchfork. Pulp and Circumstance is undecided about the tune; it’s filled with this gorgeously lush instrumentation but it may take a few listens to really feel enamored to. But unlike “The Reeling”, the track isn’t filled with these giant synths and tons of backing vocals that seem too pumped up and overworked. And that’s a nod to them…

What does everyone else think?

Passion Pit will play a gig in the Paradise June 18, and expect P&C to be out reviewing. PP recently ditched their European tour, citing “personal issues”. Here’s to hoping it gets straightened out by Manners drop, and a roll back to town.

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