It’s talking to me alright…

Umm…can I squeal for a minute like the little girl that I am not and declare here that I am absolutely LOVING the brand new track from my beloved Peaches?

“Talk to Me” is a total banger; it’s actually a lot different than most of my favorite tracks by the sexy electro-clash punk artist (think “Fuck the Pain Away” and “Set it Off” from 2000’s The Teaches of Peaches), featuring a really singing it Peaches, who is just belting it out and luring you to hit repeat, with this seriously uncharacteristic soulful meets straight up dose of rock riffage meets background manipulation edge. Drools. Salivates. Golf claps.

With lyrics like “This ain’t no Peaches show, it’s just me and you”, what are you waiting for, really?

I mean Merrill Beth Nisker, you just kill it. Sing it baby. Sing it. “Talk to Me” is the first tune off her recently released record I Feel Cream, which dropped just two days ago, May 4. This is her fifth studio album and damn if it doesn’t smoke, singe, sweat, you name it.

Who could expect anything less? My beloved James Ford, one half of Simian Mobile Disco, produced the record for Peaches and it’s got his stamp all over it (oh yeah, Digitalism, Soulwax, and Drums of Death helped, too…).

This first single is a double A-side, featuring the aforementioned “Talk to Me” and “More”, which Peaches just rolled out a clip of yesterday. “More” also reeks of Mr. Ford and I’m loving those opening synths and the signature Peaches vocals. It’s a great pair for “Talk to Me”.

So enjoy. Gobble up this record, because it’s splendid as hell. Peaches is currently out to support I Feel Cream, with a May 17 gig in Boston’s Paradise.

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