Oh comely, Lexington High, 1945.

Some really exciting news, my Boston kittens. Awhiles back, a co-worker of mine tossed off that her high school aged daughter would be working on a new musical production–written entirely by the students–which is totally inspired by the beyond brilliant, cult classic Neutral Milk Hotel album In An Aeroplane Over the Sea.

Immediately, I gushed at the idea! Who are these inspiring teens? Welp, it gets better, my friends.

Amanda Palmer, one half the brilliant Dresden Dolls and a beatious Boston-based musician, got wind of the little project and decided to lend a helping hand–after all, she too is a graduate of the high school where the performances will take place and wanted to give back.

Palmer will help the kittens write all accompaniment for the musical, and what’s more, she’s actually going to perform in it! Pitchfork is confirming all the details as my co-worker had so wonderfully informed me of months back.

And it’s become quite the buzzed about topic in these parts. The shows, which will take place in early May at Lexington High School, are expected to be a hard ticket to come by. Thanks to my connections, I’ve already placed my order for two seats (wee!).

So, here’s to hoping you Massachusetts music devotees will get to see some truly exceptional kids come up with something off the status quo. I’m heavily anticipating it all…thanks to my constant, albeit ridiculous, obsession with NMH that carries me from wee younger days.

For anything Pulp and Circumstance has written about Neutral Milk Hotel in the past, gander away.

For inspiration, yes?

[Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945.]

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