Mixtape Madness: Tom Lau’s Sexual in your Endo?

This is the first installment in a regularly scheduled (sort of?) MixTape series featuring a common theme and some of the contributors to Pulp and Circumstance. Originally slated as a “battle of the Mixtape”, it was quickly realized that the common threads (aka all the same tunes appearing) meant that it was no battle indeed–just two mixtapes, side by side, featuring exactly the same tunes, in different order.

The first installment of Mixtape Madness features P&C oft contributor Tom Lau, who is known for both NerdRock and the brilliant podcast blog “My Top Five” (RIP). Already a master of the mix, he brings you “Tunes filled with Sexual Innuendo”. Without further babble…Tom explains:

Innuendo has been tool of pop music for as long as I can remember. Whether it’s The Who’s “Squeeze box” or Kelis drawing people to her back garden with the promise of a refreshing milkshake, the ancient practice has been making the lude, crude and rude acceptable to play on the radio and to the masses. Without it, we might have been deprived of the some of the best pop songs in history. So here I’ve created a mix of some of my favourites ranging from the 80’s “are they about masturbation?” classics to some cheeky pop ditties by The Pixies and Belle and Sebastian. I’ve also included some downright blatant songs but hey we live in liberated times right?

So enjoy the Mixtape. Let us know what themes you’d like in the future.

[Mixtape Madness 1: Tom Lau’s Sexual In Your Endo.]

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