Thepohilus charm.

Thanks to a heads up from Nialler9, this here humble blogger has found the latest, greatest musical obsession: call thy Theophilus London and his charming mixtape.

You can read all about the wonderful project (think re-imagined Kraftwerk, Amadou & Miriam, Bill Withers and Lauryn Hill to name a few over some deliciously clever rhymes from Theophilus) and gobble up the entire mixtape over at Nialler, so what are you waiting for?

Know little about Theophilus London? The Brooklyn-based MC cites influences from Kraftwerk (duh!) to post-punk, Ace of Bace, and Red Stripe beer. Um, golf claps? What’s more, he’s on Twitter, so just another nod theres.

You can be sure humble blogger will continue to check out what he does in the future. If you like throwback 80’s electro meets hip-hop and Elvis Costello cover ripoffs, then this is for you.

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