in memorium: SOPHIE

I remember the first time I heard Sophie. The doc and I were existing in an extremely long distance relationship, and I had started my summer break from work with two weeks in Phoenix. It was 2013. While he was at work and the sun blazed constant outside, I took to this space and wrote about music. As I was preparing podcast no 21 and hunting for new tracks, I was floored to discover “Bipp”. Its sound was nothing like my ears had ever experienced before. It was it some ways harsh, but beautiful. Jarring, but made you want to move.

That was Sophie–a pioneer who made us pause and think deeply about what it means to create something new. This, at least, we will always have.

Sophie’s untimely death came on January 30, 2021 as a result of an unfortunate accident.

I was fortunate enough to see Sophie perform as part of Together Music Festival on a cruise boat that worked its way back and forth through Boston Harbor on a sweaty night in Fall 2018. Doc and I would have seen Sophie at Pitchfork if it weren’t for visa issues; so alas, we are stuck with the one time. And that makes it all the more special–a blip of time–or a bipp, if we are honoring Sophie and her work.

Our next podcast release, no. 51, will feature an opening from Sophie’s groundbreaking record, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides, as part of our continued attempt to honor such a small, albeit deeply moving, body of work from a life cut all too short.

You can look back through the years and see all the things P&C has written about Sophie, as well as our first post from June of 2013–Undiscovered ’til Now.

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