Undiscovered ’til Now: A Tribe Called Red.

As most of you who read this space often know, my American Indian heritage is a ever-present and ever-strong constant in my life. I grew up listening to the sounds of early American blues and 1970s disco right alongside the traditional drumming and singing of my culture, and my father listened to “Round Dance Songs with English lyrics”, a cassette tape that ruled his car stereo.

He taught us to sing “Party Tonight” and we giggled over “John Wayne’s Teeth”.

But who knew, that in my musical listening space, we would and could come to a time when traditional American Indian drumming would be introduced into a hip musical landscape.

Enter Canadian outfit A Tribe Called Red, who imbue their traditional drum and holler with stunning 8-bit electronic and dubstep rhythms, turning pow wow music on its head and inventing a new genre sure to make all those “Bohemian” head dress wearing silly fucking hipsters bow to their knees and thank the good red man for his gifts.

Or, instead of just raping the culture with silly costumes, they’ll take the tunes, too.

You can check out more from this incredible, genre bending gift over here, and will be greeted by the brilliant message “everyone wants to be a native, but nobody wants to be native”, which only a true native can appreciate.

Check out “Electric Pow Wow Drum”, the third track in their electric pow wow series.

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