Addictions: Shugo Tokumaru.

The glorious Japanense multi-instrumentalist Shugo Tokumaru has been absolutely slaying humble blogger’s heart with his brilliant pop hooks and sweet melodies. He’s been around since 2002 or so and clocked 5 records to his name–none of which are available to you Boston readers unless your a nerd diligently purchasing and plunking down serious coin for imports.

Until now.

The “Linne” video is making the rounds, naturally. And to humble blogger’s squealish delight, Port Entropy (his April 2010 LP) is finally receiving stateside release on Polyvinyl 2/15.

Naturally, with the news, meant gorging on Shugo favorites. Check out the mesmerizing “Linne” done live for Black XS and La Blogotheque.

Drool, pant a bit, and wait for the release.

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